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Based on our know-how and with maximum flexibility, we introduce ourselves as an officially registered special feed manufacturer for your wishes. With a sophisticated quality management, we mplement your recipe needs, also in small production volumes. We fully act as your partner without compromise!

Competent advice and a comprehensive service package are therefore essential elements of our service portfolio. Founded in 1958 our family-owned company is traditionally rooted in Bersenbrück.

products for pigs

  • prestarter with/without fish meal and blood plasma
  • concentrates/supplement feeds for piglets and sows with/without fish meal and blood plasma
  • milk replacer for piglets with/without blood plasma
  • grower feeds with/without fish meal and blood plasma

products for horses

  • muesli feeds (coarse feeds)
  • fiber feeds
  • milk replacer for foals
  • pelleted mineral feeds
  • hydrothermally treated cereals

products for calves/ruminants

  • muesli feeds (coarse feeds)
  • supplement feeds
  • milk replacer for calves and lambs
  • hydrothermally treated cereals

further complete and supplement feeds for

  • poultry
  • camelids
  • fish
  • wild animals
  • fur-bearing animals and rodents

You have special requests? – Contact us please!

Our products are continuously improved in accordance of the newest market needs, trends and developments.

Therefore we make a lot of investments to follow these developments, to be prepared for the challenges of tomorrow.

Technology that inspires

Our computer controlled blending plants provide an efficient production process, fast and powerful, ensuring reliability. The most modern equipment and techniques guarantee a high level of quality.

Unique characteristics of our plant:

  • Raw materials are delivered direct to the silos without any cross contamination
  • Special storage silos, where we directly inject raw material
  • Modern blender with a high mixing accuracy
  • Different pellet types of varying sizes
  • Additional and individual designed logo on your bags
  • Multiple bagging and palletizing with different filling weights of 10-25 kg possible
  • Online declaration printer
  • Simultaneous filling of bags, Big Bags and bulk items

Quality (of life)

The requirements are particularly high in the feed sector. Our company is certified and holds all the relevant requirements with excellent quality management systems in place, which are important in the industry.
Regular audits ensure the high quality and safety standards of our production.Since 2004 we have been certified according GMP+ FSA with an integrated HACCP system and recognation of the  QS System. Furthermore, we are VLOG and A-Futter certified as well as system participants at Pastus. We have had organic certification for retailers since 2021.
By following these rules we are able to guarantee a high level of control and safety, from raw material to finished feed product.

The HACCP concept guarantees a precautionary risk assessment in the entire production chain; ensuring potential hazards are detected in advance. Traceability is completely guaranteed – from raw materials to the finished product. Raw materials and the resulting manufactured products are constantly checked and analyzed by the “State Office for Consumer Protection and Food Safety” (LAVES) by an in-house control plan in accredited laboratories.

Quality assurance program pastus+

The current list is available on the internet at
You will find our company under the following Klnr.: 10705540
-current certificate of comformity-

Potential Logistics

Of course we care for a professionally timed transport for your products. Whether you are serviced by our own fleet of trucks or a trucking company: The aim is a timely delivery in top quality. This includes a professional loading with the appropriate load securing. In addition we offer our customers an extensive service package for export.
This includes appropriate packaging and compliance with all veterinary requirements, including the preparation of customs documentation. We supply everything from one hand.

Personal commitment and passion are an essential requirement of our daily work.


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