Special products for piglets

Diversity custom made

Together with our high qualified manpower and innovative equipment we are able to manufacture your individual products.

Additionally, it is very important to have high quality components, especially in the production of piglet feed, to ensure success. You have the advantage to chose from a variety of high quality raw materials.
Since 2004 we have been approved to use fish meal and since 2005 to use blood plasma

Our production facilities completely fulfill the technical requirements, in order to be able to work with these sensitive components. This is why we also produce milk replacer for piglets with blood plasma. We are able to create your product in a variety of forms, e.g. as a pellet and crumb in 2 mm and in flour form. The commercial size and packing is done according to your specifications in bulk, big bags, or in bags.

Milk replacer

For calves, lambs, piglets and foals

As a private label manufacturer we design and develop individual customer requirements for the whole feed sector, such as agricultural retailer, cooperatives, distributors and compound feed manufacturers.

Our milk replacer provides optimal conditions for the successful rearing of calves, lambs, piglets and foals. We provide you with advice and practical assistant in the development or optimization of existing recipes.

Tailor-made products

for horses, calves, camelids and other species

As experienced specialists for grain refinement, we know exactly what is important in the production of horse, calf and camel feed.

The gentle processing of raw materials in the production of cereal, pellets, flour and raw fiber feed is a guarantee for top quality and nutrient availability.

Highly flexible technical solutions are making it possible for us to implement your product requests.

As a service provider we offer a full range from manufacturing to packaging of your products – everything from a single source.

Grain processing

Hydrothermally treated cereal …

… is state of the art in feeding young animals. For over 35 years our company offers these products, whether as cereal flakes or kibbled, the demand is still growing.

All items are available, in big bags or as bulk.

Further special products

We have several different production lines and an exceptionally large number of different raw materials allowing us to produce feed for;

  • pigs

  • ruminants

  • poultries

  • fish

  • wild animals

  • fur-bearing animals

  • rodents

We manufacture in a variety of forms such as flour, crumbs, pellets or muesli. If your product is not listed, please feel free to contact us. We make (almost) anything possible.


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